Securely delivering receipts to your customers has never been easier. Consumers don’t want to be asked for their phone number or email every time they shop. Ready Receipts provides receipts to them automatically without any interaction at the point of sale!

This means you don’t need any phone numbers, loyalty reward cards, or heavy point of sale integration. We don’t use consumer personal information or credit card data. You only need to send us the receipts and we’ll do the rest!


Unlock the power of consumer level data by offering Ready Receipts! When you adopt the Ready Receipts platform to securely send electronic receipts to your customers, you can gain new insights into what your customers are purchasing outside your store, while protecting your competitive advantage and shopping basket data!

Learn how participating in the Ready Receipts network provides you:

  • Increased revenue through monetizing your data
  • An alternative to expensive emailed receipt solutions
  • Increased sales through customer purchase behavior spanning multiple merchants and categories

Learn how integrating Ready Receipts can increase your brand loyalty and give you market differentiation! Customers want easy access to their receipts and Ready Receipts makes it easy to integrate its online receipt platform at little cost to you. Your customers will get access to receipts from participating merchants through your interface. Benefits include:

  • Increased brand loyalty
  • Increased time spent engaging online/mobile
  • New revenue through new premium offerings
* at participating retailers